No need to write alone.

Are you a writer with a work in progress that could benefit from a different perspective? Do you have a project in mind that you’d like help organizing? Are you searching for a reader who will give honest and helpful feedback? If so, GiftWrite may be able to help.

As a writer myself, I know there is much more to writing than putting sentences on a page. Sometimes outside help is needed in order to find the core of a piece of writing or to give suggestions about how to make a piece have more impact. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes will recognize connections that may have slipped past the writer’s attention.

If you have a writing dilemma that you need some help sorting out, or if you feel your work would benefit from a reader outside of your immediate family, or if you’d just like to engage in an honest conversation about your piece of writing, please consider dropping me an email at

You can learn more about me, and my credentials here.

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